Front Doors


Our front doors are made of quality wood or are covered with wood-aluminum coating and are equipped with heat insulating glasswork for the purpose of providing comfort and security to our customers. The Characteristics Of Our Products: Usage of Natural Materials, timeliness and continuous development for the purpose of manufacturing products without any compromise.
Our front doors are produced with modern design, as specified in the applicable standards and as requested by our customers.
Our products are designed with security locks for the purpose of providing maximum security.
For the purpose of providing maximum comfort, we design our products with countersunk heat and bridging free thresholds filled in with double rubber sealing.
Dream big – and we will make it come true!

Beside quality, we provide also large-scale colors and styles.
Our front doors may be ordered with Miles ware-based glazing surfaces, with painted surfaces (RAL colors).
Beside the classic type of woods, such as the pine tree and the scots pine we use also shorea and oak.
By means of our customized solutions, we aim to provide our customers with unique quality tailored to their own needs.
Our products may be ordered with internal lateral color variations, invecchiato style, and unique glasswork and customized design.